Switch to a New Nail File If You’re Struggling with Breakage

Switch to a New Nail File If You’re Struggling with Breakage

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Whether you want to unwind after a hard week or catch up with your best friends, you’d know that manicures are essential to your girls’ night out. This popular beauty ritual can help maintain healthy nails, improve your hands’ look, and promote relaxation. 

Some of the crucial parts of this beauty ritual include filing and painting the nails with your favorite color. While it may be easy to get caught up in your girls’ day out, you should watch out for nail breakage, which is anybody’s worst nightmare. For this reason, you should ditch the old emery board and switch to a glass nail file. 

If you’re struggling with breakage, we’ll discuss why you should swap to a glass nail file today. 

What Happens When We Chip or Break a Nail?

Regardless of who and where you are, you’d know that a broken or chipped nail is anybody’s worst nightmare. Dermatologists warn that besides being painful, broken or chipped nails can also damage the area underneath the nail, which can be irreversible if it suffers from too much trauma. 

Fortunately, you can prevent or cure this by using gentler tools like glass nail files for manicuring. Unlike its emery board counterpart, glass is less likely to harm the nail bed. While it may be initially expensive, making this small, significant switch can help you repair weak and brittle nails. 

What Is a Glass Nail File?

Manufacturers usually create glass nail files from glass with fine grit on the surface. Dermatologists recommend this option better than emery boards because they’re not as aggressive and won’t damage the nail’s texture or structure. These nail files can also help prevent infectious and embarrassing nail fungi development. 

Moreover, the glass nail file works best on natural nails and helps keep the nails’ keratin intact. The file seals your nails as it files and creates a smooth edge with no cracks. 

What Are the Additional Benefits? 

After discussing what happens when you break a nail and identifying a glass nail file, this section will enumerate two benefits of switching to this newer option. 

1. They're More Durable

Like other beauty investments, you want your nail care kit to last for years to avoid spending too much on replacements. For this reason, it’s time to invest in a glass nail file. 

While glass nails may initially cost more than your typical emery board, they will be a worthwhile investment because they’re more durable and reusable. Manufacturers create these files from a sturdy material that lets you sterilize and disinfect them repeatedly. That way, you don’t need to throw them after every use. 

2. They're Effective in Shaping

Nail shapes significantly impact your nails’ aesthetics and health. You should understand your nail shape and the best ways to achieve and maintain it. You can enjoy these benefits by investing in a glass nail file and ditching the old emery board. 

Unlike other nail files, this glass option has a finer texture, making them great for shaping nails. When starting your manicure, you can use the file back and forth across the shape. Once you have achieved the desired shape, use the file in one direction to prevent the nail keratin from fraying. 

How Else Can I Take Care of My Nails?

While painted nails with intricate line art, 3D decorations, or a mix of vibrant colors may look good, you should remember that frequent use of nail polish can harm your nails’ health. You can achieve healthier nails and prevent discoloration by reducing the polish you place on your nails. 

The Bottom Line 

Nobody deserves to suffer from a broken nail because it can negatively affect your quality of life. Fortunately, you can save yourself from this painful mistake by switching to a glass nail file and reducing the polish you place on your nails. 

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