Yes, the tweexy Hinge sticks to any clean surface using the Smartgrip® technology. If dirt and debris is on the surface it may not stick as well.

No, both the standard and large size tweexy Hinge products use Smartgrip® technology. This is a patented airlock design that was created to stick firmly when you need it to and lift naturally when you need to move the product by pulling straight up. Suction cups lose their grip over time.

Simply wash with mild dish soap and water and air dry to keep clean. You can also wipe with a microfiber cloth to rid the product of dirt, fibers and/or debris.

No - pull straight up on the Hinge and it will come off the surface that you placed it on.

To take tweexy off with wet nails, all you have to do is pull it straight up from the crown, as the silicone rubber rings are flexible and have gaps at the bottom.

Simply slide tweexy on your other hand if the nails are dry, or use the ‘squeeze tabs’ to open the rings wide, then place tweexy directly on the fingers of the hand you will polish.

No matter what brand bottle you polish with; round, square, rectangular or oval, tweexy’s soft, silicone rubber adapts to snugly hold it.

Tweexy firmly and comfortably fits all finger sizes from ring size 3 to 17. For little girl fingers smaller than size three, she can just slip two fingers in one of the rings. The extra finger will add stability.